100_0710 - same time hard block/strike, it works well with a backfist to the nose as well, it is started from being pushed which gives you a slight hint on whats coming.

100_0711 - forget it being a 'hold', its a strike, I grabbed simply to stop him moving away

100_0712 - simply roll the 'high' arm over the attackers arm and bar down just above the elbow joint, I press in to the body to secure when he is down.

100_0713 - getting the elbow onto his centre line stops the butt, step off line and back to unbalance a little.

100_0714 - LOL

100_0715 - just after the foot of the kick lands strike moroto uke, backfist first then follow with the punch underneath.

100_0716 - 1st shuto then step at angle for 0717

I toe kick simply by pressing big toe and next toe together, works well and with shoes.

Appriciate your comments Ed.
Jim Neeter