don't put too much weight on my comments, just sharing thoughts...

100_0710 - opening move. going on the inside when an attack comes from the side is too slow and dangerous (basically, you have to turn,hard block and uppercut before he can use his other hand...which wouldn't be chambered).

100_0711 - too easy to twist out of this hold.

100_0712 - to get from the last position to here, I'm having trouble visualizing....I'll wait for the video

100_0713 - two of his arms against one of yours?

100_0714 - ahh, I see. thats better. - hard to transition to here from what the previous frame shows.

100_0715 - ouch. I'd have to see the vid of how you get to here though.

100_0716 - Good!

100_0717 - ok. but is this transitioned from the previous shuto?

overall, pretty good. I like the shuto interpretation. work on figuring out a better opening move.

also, do you toe kick with your large toe over your others? I know many in Shorin do this...but why? would you do that with shoes on? can you form your foot like that quick enough? not being a's something I always wondered.

good job, Jim. looking forward to the vid.