One of the challenges I find in drawing the Bunkai illustrations is this. In a committed attack or real fight the appearance changes. So, if I am trying to show someone, say a green belt what is possible in the form the drawing cannot vary signifigantly from the way thay do it in there practice because then they begin to say "That doesn't look like the form". Or "That isn't Pinan Nidan". Of course it wouldn't.

On a differnt but related idea..

One of the good things I see about kata as they are practiced by, say , Shotokan practitioners is as far as exercise goes it is good physical practice using a full range of motion.

As far as bunkai goes their applications in general are basic and strong. When considering possible application things can shorten up and the circles get smaller. When that happens I imagine things would start to look more okinawan. As far as perfomance, I find them enjoyable to watch like any skillfull demonstration of an art. Being able to punch hard, kick hard be mobile and maintaining your balance, will help out in many confrontations.