Hello Eyrie:

<<what rules of thumb do people use when evaluating or analysing bunkai.

My very first rule of thumb... avoid the foreign terminology (ie bunkai)!

Ok, ok, when looking at someones application sequence, is it simple period?

5, 6, (or more) movements to stop an incoming attacker is either a severely advanced application or 2-3 movements too blessed long! I should not need to hit them 8 times to stop them... Not talking about the one punch kill foolishness, merely being pragmatic.

In terms keeping simplicity my hands should not change grips a lot...

I should not need to kick the attacker more than twice...

The basic application should acknowledge the "sleeping appentage" (the hands/feet not attacking) as a viable threat. How the first hand/foot is handled should largely negate the other appendage entering the equasion effectively

There are lots and lots these help?