If I could articulate it I wouldn't have to draw the cartoons.

I would love to have an instructor that was well informed on the topic but I don't. In fact I have at time been ridiculed for pursuing the practice at all.

I am primarily a visual an kinesthetic learner. I am many time able to "see" and imagine things others have a hard time with. As with any creative or investigative approach in the beginning I had alot more bad/ineffective conclusions than effective approaches. There are books that lay out priorities or rules to consider. I couldn't do them justice.

One rule?

Things are not just what they seem.

A chair is not just a chair. It can be used a step stool, a doorstop or a pony depending on who is looking at it and what their needs are.

to paraphrase Victor, "it's all movement" and I don't know what the heck a fractal is. I'm sure I could learn faster with a great teacher or a different art, but I'm enjoying what I'm doing now and I try not to be too envious of others and their knowledge or arts.