Types of Karate. I wonder how many there are. I figured to make a list and see if anyone can add anything to it. I am not talking styles of Karate here, just types of Karate.

Classical Karate Karate done in the old way like Itosu and Miyagi style. Usually a pretty hard work out, with forms a focus.

Traditional Karate Old style Karate that uses new training methods as well as old. They are willing to add what works in the training.

Sport Karate Karate done for trophies or fun. This is a style that is done more by the younger crowd.

Made up Karate Karate that is done by a person who decided he had more knowledge than the other styles and founded his own. Usually this style comes from people who cannot go the distance and learn the style they started in. Unfortunately they teach others so the style continues.

China Hand Karate Karate done by those who study and practice pre Itosu Karate. Usually you can tell these systems because they use the old Kanji for Karate, which means China or Tang Hand.

Can any add to this?
Paul Hart http://allshorin.org