as i posted on my first post i was injured 4 years ago and fractured 2 of my vertebrae. with that i ended up with disk leakage, bulging disks and bone spurs all in my mid to upper back. doctors have been unable to operate.

even though the doctors told me not to, i still went to my first class last night. its actually been about 11 years since i trained hard last. it felt great to workout and sweat again and i feel ok this morning. the instructor was surprised about how much i remembered, i was still able to do all my kihon and heian kata, tekki and bassai kata.

here is my frustration and i know i will have to get past this. when i first got into shotokan back in the 70s i trained in the jka shotokan assn. it was all in english and no bunai. after sensai nakayama died in the 80s i left and joined kenkojuku shotokan. it was a different world for me. very hard classes alot of emphasis placed on conditioning, bunkai and everything was explained in the japanese language. i enjoyed the japanese language as it made me feel closer to what i was doing in the dojo. plus sensei sugimoto would come up from miami and give long seminars and he expected the classes to be very rigid and traditional. in the 90s after i got out of the military i moved to las vegas, nv to trained under sensei osamu ozawa. the shotokan was very similiar to kenkojuku. now the shotokan school i am joining is the iskf shotokan which is just like jka. the classes are very small (only 2 students last night and i was told that the classes are usually small), its in english and i am not sure how much emphasis will be placed on bunkai or conditioning. this is the only kind of shotokan where i live or the only tradition japanese karate. there is shorin-ryu but i am not a big fan of that style of ma. the class i went to was very easy, and the instructor was very mindful of my injury and continued to tell me to breathe and kick lower. i just hope once my conditioning picks up the class will be a bit toughter.

i am not looking for answers but i just want to vent a little bit.

also i went to class wearing a white belt as is the customary way when going to a new class. i was told to wear my black belt again. i lost my belt and most of my gear in a move a few years ago. thats why i asked the question about belts in the previous post.

thanks for listing,

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