Q: Can we have a [whatever] discussion area created?
A: yes. here's how: go to the 'general talk' forum and hit 'new thread', subject: [whatever].

Q: Can we get a spelcheker put in?
A: yes, but it would be cheaper and quicker if you enrolled in an English course at your local community college.

Q: I bought something from the forum store, but I dont want it, and want my money back...what should I do?
A: www.e-bay.com

Q: Whats up with the sucky search function?
A: That question was already posted.

Q: My computer is 14 years old and I'm on a modem that communicates via morse code at a 4k baud rate, allowing me to post only once a day max.
A: perfect.

Q: my mailbox is full, what should I do?
A: Tell no one. I'm deleting this question and will immediately contact you by PM. keep this between us.