Hi all,

The White Crane Research Institute (WCRI) is seeking serious people interested in our White Crane and in eventually learning our art with a view to setting up a training group (Wushu Guan) in your area and representing the aims of the WCRI.

We will offer all materials and resources to help one come to an understanding of our teachings leading up to and including hands on training.

Interested persons should first view our web site http://www.whitecranefist.co.nr and then contact us on email tsuruken@austarnet.com.au

The modernization and commercial considerations of the martial arts has changed to face of the arts. The arts themselves have been watered down into a trendy pastime fueled by television images and the movies. The arts standards have been lowered to meet the modern aims of making money.

However the WCRI is a small yet dedicated group of like-minded people seeking to reverse this trend and is not influenced of being trendy or in making a profit from the art.

We seek to maintain the integrity of our teachings in the face of much adversity.

We have a genuine respect for the art.

If this sounds like you then please feel free to contact us: (Only serious people need apply!)

"I do not know what I know. I 'feel' it, unlike those that think they know, yet know not"