Hello. Um, just asking some questions regarding the sparring rules in Kyokushin and some other general info about sparring (just curious lol). Please bear with me.

I'm aware that Kyokushin karate or its derivatives are full contact. However, just mainly focusing on the origin, Kyokushinkai Karate, do they generally allow low kicks, or kicks below the waist (exception of the groin area)?

Secondly, I know you're allowed to kick to the face, but are you allowed to knee (with 100% strength) to the face? As in grab and knee, for example?

Thirdly, are you allowed to elbow below the head (I'm pretty sure you're generally not allowed to elbow the head and neck)? Like let's say, on the shoulders or ribs?

Now the following are about the general rules of sparring.

I classify the type of sparring as follows: No/Light Contact, Semi Contact and then Full contact in terms of rules.

No/Light Contact I know you are not allowed to hit the face. But with semi contact (let's assume you're using gloves), how hard are you allowed to hit? Just a tap? With semi-contact, are you allowed to use low kicks?

Sorry for asking a lot of questions and if I'm bothering you lol. Please reply as soon as possible, thanks.
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