They are just variations of blades----I suggest that you ask the folks your wanting to buy from to explain the pros/cons if any of the various designs.

See what they say then comapre the answers to other sources.

I hear good things about swordstore......if we are talking about the same place, but I have never bought from them so I have no hands on info.

Question---why are you looking at high/higher end blades?

If your new to swords arts such things are rarely needed---by the time your ready to need to spend thousands or dollers on a blade you usually have a pretty good idea of what the various terms indicate---and why.

If I were you I'd ask my teacher what kind of blade I needed and what they would suggest.

Maybe you already have?????

Most new people to swords find relatively inexpensive iaito (either unsharpend steel or zinc-alloy that can't be sharpened) to be quite serviceable for their needs---talking maybe $200-$500 range instead of thousands here.

Work just fine for most people and most practice.

Again, what does your teacher suggest and why???

in that u are right, and my teacher suggest to wait untill i have learn to handel a wooden first.
when i have done that he is going me to learn the difrend kinds of katana's.
but some time i am a litel inpaitaince so i wanted to buy 1 to know how a real 1 feels like.


Go look up Richard Stein's Japanese Sword Index on Google. There's a lot of great information about Japanese swords there.

And please, please, please, don't resurrect threads that have been dead for more than 6 months.

and why not,i had somthing like the same quastion, why make a new 1 when there is alredy 1 about it.

thanks for your helps guys.

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thanks for your help