The staff is one of my favourite weapons and the only one I extensively work with. For various reasons I've ended up just dabbling over the years with different styles however the staff is something I pick up regularly and spin round and find things to do with. Sadly I can't locate anyone else local to me (Bristol, UK) who also works with the staff (any style). Currently I've got 2 red oak staffs and a graphite screw in half version (just acquired, great for practicing awkward tricks).

Was searching for dense woods to have a new staff made from-this strictly would be for endurance/strength training rather than sparring. Thanks for the video links, I've been after media on the subject for a while.

One thing I do like is to practice "tricks", spins, passing behind my back stuff like that. I'm not practicing to be a top staff fighter, I just enjoy the feel of using it, spinning it and doing moves in general. If anyone's got any info they can point me towards regarding such I'd be immensely grateful.

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