Hi All,

I wanted to get feedback on something I tried on Saturday. I didn't really want to spend much time in the gym so I wanted to do a circuit.

I wasn't sure of a good weight to start with so I thought a 25lbs plate on each side of an olympic bar would be cool.

The circuit went like this.

bench 10 reps
stand up over bend and do squats for 10 reps
then go into standing shoulder press for 10 and then step away from bend for deadlifts.

Now, i wasn't sure to how many sets total, so I aimed for three and din't feel like that was enough and continued for 5 sets. But by the time I hit the 5 set my reps were between 6-8.

My rest was just long enough to catch my breath and continue again.

Any comments and/or feedback would be appreciated.
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