I am sorry if this did not come across correctly (lack of time to explain on my part I think). I was not challenging you. I have only been exposed to our type of testing; I have my opinions on the strength and weaknesses of this format. Since I have not been in a structured test I can also see the weaknesses, but I don’t know the strengths. I was assuming you also would see the ups and downs of your style. I seriously just wanted your opinion since yours is so much different from ours.

Again all I was looking for was an honest opinion since it does seem that with the testing exception we have similar MA backgrounds.

As a side note the GM talked about how it was where you where pulled aside and given your belt when you where ready and lamented doing that in certain circumstances.

As far as ups and Downs for our style of testing,

Ups - you only know the basic requirements for the rank, you have NO CLUE what will actually be on the test. Basically you need to be ready for anything and everything

Using my test as an example – I had a student that has been with the school since the early 70’s tell me that he has never seen the GM do this before.

Down side – consistency – we have none. This sometimes shows in the students. It would be my assumption that this would be one of your strong points for your style of testing – I would assume your BB would be of consistent quality.

The detail I left out was you are required to have Senior BB sign your testing paper approving you for testing. The number of signatures required varies on what rank you are going for. This was not a requirement for me, I can only assume it is due to the GM telling me I was going and not me asking if I can go.

I believe the reason for BB-Color belt integration is so as a color belt you get to see what is coming.

I hope this helps explain what I was asking for.


As an aside – your comment about failing the test reminded me of the kid getting KNOCKED THE $*%& OUT. Nobody expected that to happen and it kind of hit home for everybody I think. – lets just say test where taken a bit more seriously after that
-- -JBC-