Wow. On the upside you are not a horse- if you were, I would have you shot

Yes! Spared from Cord's wrath


studying hard, and I bet sat your a$$ reading/writing for long periods of time.

Theoretically speaking ...

It's not when I'm studying because on the rare occasion I am sitting at my desk I sit on a stability ball forcing me to sit upright. It's at work, commuting etc. that I have the problem. I get lazy from sitting correctly if I have something to lean back on ... chairs in the classroom are also less than adequate.

Thank you for the advice Cord. My biggest problem is "superwomen syndrome." I won't stop unless someone forces me to. I will modify my Yoga routine instead of repeating positions that hurt the most purposely. I'm the kind of person that will go skydiving solely because I'm afraid of heights (so worth it though!!)