First and foremost I hope that everyone is well and that the past year has treated you kindly.

It has been some time since I made an appearance on this board. Due in part to financial difficulties I have had to put my martial arts training on hold, it will be one year since October that I have last been in the dojo/dojang or "on the mat" and boy do I ever miss it. One year of school left and then hopefully I'll find a job in my field paying enough to pay back my accumulated student debt and start training in martial arts again. I'd be lying if I said I've been trying at home during this time, between school, work and time to breathe I just do not have the time to commit. Martial arts is incredibly expensive so I've been filling my "me" time with latin dancing (both nightculb and ballroom) which costs me less than $500/year (nothing compared to the bill marital arts can run living in downtown Toronto - not a lot of small, "family run" type schools around here). I enjoy dancing but I have felt at a loss without martial arts. I hope to get back into it soon.

Of course, I returned to these boards for a reason, to seek advice. Time permitting I hope to return to "poster status" on these boards as I don't like asking for advice if I'm not willing to return the favour to anyone else.

I'm here with - well with a lot of related/unrelated questions. Please bear with me and I thank anyone who makes it through tmy long winded post o the end. I appreciate any sort of suggestions anyone may have.

I'm looking for relieving/preventative suggestions for myofascial pain syndrome aka muscle knots. Back in Februaruy I visited the doctor with severe headaches along with other symptoms which I address later. After about a month of sitting on the edge of my seat through appointments with a neurologist followed by CT scans I can say I do not have a brain tumor. After a whole series of tests the docotr finally settled on the most obvious solution - muscle tension. She prescribed massage therapy With a prescription my extended health coverage does cover a portion of the costs but I have to claim everything at the end of the coverage year. I can't afford to front the costs intially, I can barely afford my rent. I have some really tight muscle knots. At least 7 I can think of off the top of my head that are at least the size of a golf ball causing an emmense amount of discomfort and a tension headache that I've had for almost 6 months now. They are all located in my back/neck/shoulders. I cannot remember the last time when I wasn't in pain. It is to the point now that I have become extremeley irritable because of it. Is there anything I can do at home that won't cost me anything to relieve this?

Of course muscle tension isn't enough, my body further needs to retaliate on my with tale bone. I don't remember when it started or what I did to myself to make it start I just no for at least 6 years now I have had problems sitting for longer than 30mins without severe pain in my tailbone. Is there anything I can do to increase the amount of time I can sit without extreme discomfort?

Along with the tale bone I have lower back problems which I attribute to muscle tension. I do yoga and meditate daily but when in poses that stretch the back, specifically lower back and the area should below the should blade behind the neck there is a wave of pain through my body that literally knocks the wind out of me. I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been hit with a freight train even after I bought a new mattress and pillow. During a street festival I had my posture analysed by a chiropractor. Right ear is higher than the left ear (head tilts to the right when I think I am holding my head upright, left hip is higher than the right hip and I stand with 40lbs more weight on my right foot than I do with my left - of course I'm sure everyone's spine was twisted that day, she was advertising her clinc at a street festival for a reason, not like I can afford to see a chiropractor anyways. Do you think this lower back/hip pain related to the muscle tension that is cuasing my muscle knots or is the muscle tension because of the lower/back hip problem? Is there anything I can do at home to realieve this?

I've run out of ideas on what I could do to allievate the pain I'm in 150% of the time. I can't afford to see a massage therapist, chiropractor, pysiotherapist what have you even if it's covered because it's not covered up front. Forking out the cash means no groceries or not paying my phone bill that month even if I'll get it back at the end of the year.

That's the birds eye view of the msucle pain I have anyways.

A doctor doesn't send you to a neurologist just for headaches of course which is the next part of why I'm here. The doctor has no idea what the cause of this is and I'm hoping maybe someone here may have experienced this or know what may cause it. Certain pitches of sound at high volumes will cause me to get extreme vertigo. The floor will start to feel like it's moving, the room starts spinning .. and well anyone who has experienced vertigo will know what I'm talking about. It's odd because the inner ear isn't connected to sound in a manner that would cause this, so why is certain pitches/volumes of noise causing me to almost black out, anyone have any ideas?

Anyone with low blood pressure who has ever stood up too quickly will know the sensation of the "fuzzy head" and blackening vision caused by a rush of blood to the legs. This happens to me frequently, at least twice a day usually more. Usually I just wait it out and within a few seconds I'm fine with only a minute amount of nausea and a briefly severe headahce. The "dizzy spells" when standing aren't unusual but they happen to me everyday and are accelerated and made worse if I stretch immediately after or as I'm standing. Is this just as I think, low blood pressure, or may it be something else, possibly related to some of my other "problems" previously discussed.

As a note I do have Hypothyroid Disorder however my TSH levels have been normal for almost half a year.

To anyone who made it through my post to this sentance thank you for bearing with me. I appreciate all responses I can get ... and for the record I have seen a doctor .