my favorite troll of all time wasn't even from this forum. He was, the now infamous, Mall Ninja. Popped onto a gun forum one fine day asking what kind of plates he should sew into his bulletproof vest so that he wouldn't have to worry about sniper fire while on patrol as. . . A Mall security guard.

He then went on to tell us all sorts of lovely things such as: He and his tactical team (which had a high speed golf cart to whisk them quickly to any point in the mall) apparently trained well, shooting off hundreds of rounds of ammunition daily so that they'd be ready to use their arsenal of death . long as the local cops gave them permission of course.

Oh and he is "a master of three martial arts including ninjutsu, which means I can wear the special boots to climb walls."

Here's to you, Gecko45. The Original Mall Ninja.

This troll was so legendary that I still remember it, lo' 7 years hence.

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