so there i am yesterday watching 'UFC 1' on DVD, and for once i actually dont skip the painful commentaries and post fight interviews (truly dreadfull presentation), and I catch something i have never noticed before- When interviewed, Ken Shamrock is told that John Milius is in the audience, and was interested in working with him on a film project. Ken said he was just a fighter and not interested.

Fast forward 14 years or so. Ken is still in awesome shape, no matter what the outcome of 'Shamrock/Ortiz 3' I think retirement has to be on the cards imminently, and his time in the WWE shows that he has developed a taste for the theatrical.

I dont know about you guys, but if you read the original Conan books, R.E. Howards description of Conan is far closer to Shamrock than Arnie, and Arnie is not showing much interest in doing more movies these days (true lies 2 is the only possibility I know of), and the much requested Older Arnie as 'King Conan' is not likely to happen.

what about a lavish, post Braveheart/LOTR production of Conan starring Ken?

I thought it would be pretty cool.
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