I thought about that before when playing a zombie game...would the undead be bleeding? other than the dormant blood supply stored at the time of death, there wouldn't be spurting or anything would there? think of autopsy's. sure there would be gore and splatter from a shotgun blast or chainsaw - but wouldn't it be significantly less? I don't plan to experiment...just wondering for movie/game realism sake.

Well, the blood would have congealed, thats true, but think about the spray of wood chips you get using one for its intended task. Now imagine revving up a saw and plunging it into a punchbag filled with bacon and strawberry jelly. Thats one hell of a dry cleaning bill you got there, and without total coverage via PPE, you are going to get it in the nostrils, around the mouth, on the hands etc- all areas where absorption, either through ingestion (you breath heavy in fight or flight) or small wounds is very likely.

i agree with razor about the protective suit idea, though I would go for fine link chain mail (like they use for shark suits)and kevlar enforced gloves (more articulation).
As for blades or objects incorporated into the clothing, shoulder spikes and spiked gauntlets (a la legion of Doom/The Misfits) may help keep distance between zombies and your neck, forearms, and shins (film evidence has shown these to be favoured targets of opertunity for the undead).
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'