Ok, in any case, we know how to survive a zombie takeover in the wilderness, tundra, mountainous environments and the outdoors, regardless of whether they are athletic romero zombies or walking cripples like in the old days, either way, you can destroy them by destroying brain function, so we would survive that way.
Now, what do you do if you are stuck in the middle of a large city, such as
LA, NYC, Philly, etc.? How would you survive/escape/etc?

I would head over to the nearest supermarket, take control of and secure it.


1. its stacked with food and essential supplies
2. once the shutters are pulled down and the fire exits secured, it is an easily maneagable space.
3. the delivery compound will contain light commercial vehicles, well serviced, and capable of carrying several people and provisions should the store become compromised
4. Flat roof from which to thin the zombie population with firearms/weapons of opertunity
5. they all have back up generators, and a gas station on site, so when the power grid eventually fails, power can be returned.

Its a much better choice of stronghold than a Mall (full of non essential luxury shops), but as with Dawn of the Dead, your main threat would not befrom the zombies, but from other 'norms' compromising your security in their own interests. You would have to be prepared to defend your 'castle' from both the living and the dead.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'