i really doubt that anyone with any knowledge of Katana's would buy a wallhanger, i got given a set of 3 japanese swords, and i stuck them away out of site, for a start you can actually see where the metal has been shaped to give it the curve, secondly its made of spring steel, in case anyone doesnt know what spring steel is, its the steel from car or Tank springs, either that or they are made from stainless steel, good for kitchen knives, bad for katana's, i personally think that the wallhangers are ugly, all those tassles and crap they put on them, a friend of mine in the UK bought a genuine Katana from Japan, and its the plainest thing you've ever seen, cost him a small fortune, but inspite of being plain to look at, you draw the sword and its breathtaking, anyway my advise DON'T buy wallhangers
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