1. Ryukyu kempo / Modern - Combat arnis
2. YES
3. Medium - Full contact

In the beginning we do medium contact, later, after 5.kyu we progress to full contanct. Since our style includes head butts, knees, elbows, eye jabs, ear smashes, biting,foot trapping,... we must use kind of ''restraint'' in sparring and try to be somewhere between the life protecting situation and the LA LA land even its not realism which we always strive torward, sparring is very important, since if you have never been kicked or punched in a ''chaos'' situation of a sparring, never been punched with full force, no cool or ''advanced'' street, kyusho or whatever techniques will ever help you. Bulid guts and balls first, rest comes naturally later... still, we try not to overdo sparring, since one can easly fall into a sport mode, which is not what we are looking for in the martial arts.

We do empty hand, stick, knife (usually with markers), kama - with padded blades , bo, nunchaku, empty handed against weapons sparring (yeah, u loose most of the time ,... Sometimes we'd progress from stick - knife - empty hands (kick - punch - grapple - ground)...We also create scenarios, where we add different HAPV in the middle of sparring...
We also do 1:2, 1:3, ... or mass fights 20:20 or more. Now this is lots of fun. Look at the end of the video...


This video shows a little bit of how we train, kata, knife, stick, kyusho-tuite, full contact kata applications,... wasnt intended to show our sparring but more of general work...still some can be seen in the beggining and at the end.

We use little to no protection gear. Mouth piece in mandatory, everything else by choice, depends on the grade of course. Few advanced students like protection gear. Otherwise we have face shield head guard,body protectors, shin guards, elbow, knee and groin guards... classical Ryukyu kempo or FMA sparring protection gear.

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