My style is American Kenpo.

Yes, we spar.

Medium contact.

I went to a boxing gym for a while, not long but enough to say this.

While being punched by guys full contact wearing boxing gloves I recieved a trickle of a nose bleed and was knocked down to one knee once before quitting that gym(I got married and had to quit everything that involved me... for a while.)

Anyway, while sparring medium power I have had my nose broken once and almost twice. The same thing happened both times. I juked my head into the punch that had terrific control behind it but as I drove my face into a head on collision with his fist my face got blasted harder than it did in the boxing ring.

Sure over the long haul boxers get the worst of it but with our minimal medium power gloves I got bloodied more in the dojo.

Hence, full power with those little gloves Century sells for light sparring would seem to me a peculiar thing to do.

Oh and how about that feeling between right after you get blasted in the nose and when blood gushes out. Your holding your face calling, "Break! Break!" Just trying not to get blood all over the mat. Then at work the next day with my two black eyes I answer all inquiries by saying, "Do not endeavor to understand me mortal!" LOL