Wednesday, April 17, 2007 - Week 437, Day 1141

Barbell Seated Military Press = 150 lbs = 1x6, 2x7
Barbell Upright Rows = 110 lbs = 1x9
Barbell Upright Rows = 115 lbs = 2x7
Dumbbell Seated Bent-Over Rear Deltoid Raises = 54 lbs per arm = 1x8

Leg Extensions = 105 lbs per leg = 3x10

Before I started my shoulders were sore that the pain was carried over from Tuesday and most likely because of the intense workout I had on Monday. I still wanted to go into this and push myself but I told myself when it hurts you stop, and that is why I only did 1 set of the last shoulder exercise.

I upped the Military Press by 3 lbs and I was still able to do the same reps. I think I could of done 8 on the last one but I lost the momentum and that is yet another time I worked out with somebody. I also upped the Upright Rows by 5 lbs but was able to do them easy enough so added another 5 lbs to get me back into my 6-8 range. I really focussed on the technique and felt it big time so that when I went to the last exercise I knew that I shouldn't do them but I put 5 lbs extra per side and gave it a go and then stopped.

Legs I added 5 lbs and to be honest the first set of 10 was a killer and it got easier each time afterwards. What I am forgetting to do is do some light weight first to warm up the leg. I warm up prior to lifting and I include my legs but as the legs are not my focus by the time I get to them they are not loose like the should be. Next time I will do some light lifts first.

Suppose to work on Back tonight but have so much to do that I may not get to it. Have to stop by class tonight as we are arranging car pooling to watch my Instructor fight MMA Friday night for the MFC. Will play working out by ear from this day forward and if not I will catch up on the weekend.

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