nice work Dereck

i am just coming off a month of 'tick-over' and rehab work due to my darn shoulder , but it has given me time to reflect on addressing a more holistic approach to training, and to put more emphasis on balanced training over specific performance. I will outline below the new weekly structure of my training.

Monday: Heavy lifts/functional work at Core (see signature link)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 mile run + 6x3min heavy bag

Thursday: Swim 20 lengths steady state. 15 sprint/active recovery lengths. 50x 25m in total.

Friday: Bodyweight work and sprint drills

Sat/Sun: Ab/core work, developmental stretching and rotator cuff work.

Thats it. 4 days of full exertion, one whole rest day, and two days of active recovery. If time and finances allow, the wednesday run/bag work may turn back into getting to Savate classes again, but its not possible as yet.
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