This is now a time to review how I am progressing. This is more for myself then it is for anybody else.

I want to see a comparison from when I started lifting after my operation to where I am now. In order to do this I have to have an even playing field to compare the numbers. For that reason I am going to use a One-Rep Max Calculator so that I am comparing apples to apples. For those exercises that I added on or took out and have nothing to compare I will not bother with them. One-Rep Max Calculator:

Exercise = Starting Weight vs Current Weight

Bench Press = 250 lbs vs 300 lbs
Bent-Arm Laterals = 92 lbs vs 111 lbs (per arm)
Incline Laterals = 89 lbs vs 104 lbs (per arm)
Decline Bench Press = 235 lbs vs 254 lbs

Military Press = 146 lbs vs 176 lbs
Upright Rows = 124 lbs vs 135 lbs
Bent-Over Dealt Raises = 52 lbs vs 61 lbs (per arm)

Rear Lat Pulldowns = 197 lbs vs 238 lbs
Bent-Over Rows = 232 lbs vs 261 lbs
Closed-Grip Lat Pulldowns = 180 lbs vs 204 lbs
Rear Shoulder Shrugs = 287 lbs vs. 302 lbs

Standing Closed-Grip Tricep Curls = 135 lbs vs 168 lbs
Lying Supine Tricep Curls = 39 lbs vs 54 lbs (per arm)
Weighted Dips = 174 lbs vs 260 lbs
Kick-Backs = 99 lbs vs 104 lbs (per arm)

Incline Inner Bicep Curls = 65 lbs vs 85 lbs (per arm)
Isolated Bicep Curls = 66 lbs vs 84 lbs (per arm) **

** Actually performed this one-rep max

As my leg was in rehab I will not include any leg data. I will say that after the operation I took 6 weeks off and did absolutely nothing for a work out until week 7. I did start physio on my 5th week and once I did do some leg work, my left leg was at 35 lbs (2x20) on week 13. Now at week 18 after the surgery I am doing 3x10 of 100 lbs. I'm no where near I was before but I would bet that many people could not even do this amount of weight.

For the last of the data:

Weeks working out since started after operation: 11
Number of Full Body Work Outs (excluding legs): 7
Number of Chest Only Work Outs: 6
Number of Shoulder Only Work Outs: 4
Number of Back Only Work Outs: 4
Number of Tricep Only Work Outs: 4
Number of Bicep Only Work Outs: 3
Number of Days of Rest: 50

When I look at these numbers and then compare them to what I started for weights and what I am currently doing for weights ... nothing but positive results and that makes me happy. I wish I could have done better on some things but when it comes to my shoulders I know I suffer and will always be a problem and I believe what holds me back in the Bench Press and stuff, not to mention any shoulder workouts. And when I look at the number of days of rest it is hard to believe. Some of that was sick time but it was still time not working out. 50 days of rest ... enough said.