Monday, April 16, 2007 - Week 437, Day 1140

Barbell Bench Press = 242 lbs = 1x8, 1x7, 1x8
Dumbbell Bent-Arm Laterals = 89 lbs per arm = 3x8
Dumbbell Incline Laterals = 84 lbs per arm = 2x7, 1x8
Barbell Decline Bench Press = 212 lbs = 2x7

Leg Extensions - 100 lbs per leg - 3x10

An excellent night for lifts. I upped each of the chest workout by 5 lbs and my reps also increased for the most part. On the last set of the Bent-Arm Laterals, holding to dumbbells 89 lbs each was a little frightening when I was trying to go to fatigue as if I dropped one or both I'd have smashed my head in like a pumpkin. On the Incline Laterals it was very difficult to get the 84 lbs in each hand up to my chest/shoulders but I got it there with some bucking and momentum. More reasons I wish I had a partner to work out with. I only did 2 set of the Declines as when I started this all my right shoulder was bothering me and at that point I knew I should stop. I probably could have done the last set but why push it; live to lift another day.

Leg Extensions I kept it back at 100 lbs per leg and it went just fine. The front of the left knee still hurts but that is where they removed the tendon to replace as my ACL so that will take some time and is expected according to my Surgeon. It is time to pick up the pace and I am going to start jogging now.

An excellent chest work out and one of those nights where you are happy to lift and are having so much fun.

I also wanted to point out that I haven't worked my chest for 15 days and I still had gains. You don't have to work your muscles all of the time to get gains. The more advanced lifter you are the less you actually have to do. And with getting older you must allow more time to recover. Just thought I'd throw that up here for you all to read.