Wednesday, April 11, 2007 - Week 436, Day 1138

Ez-Curl Barbell Preacher Curls = 115 lbs = 1x7, 2x8
Incline Inner Dumbbell Curls = 64 lbs per arm = 1x9, 1x10, 1x7 ** STOP **
Seated Concentrated Dumbbell Curls = 64 lbs per arm = 1x7, 1x6, 1x7

Leg Extensions = 100 lbs per leg = 3x10

Excellent arm workout; I was pumped. I switched my first exercise out for the Preacher Curls so got to use my Preacher Curl arm rest again. The second exercise I added 10 lbs extra per arm and blew that away BUT I was feeling a twinge in my right bicep so stopped on the 3rd set. Touched the area and it felt like a pinch and was a little numb. Third exercise I upped the reps so another positive.

I added 15 lbs to the legs and still got the same sets/reps. Had to push the bad leg but it wasn't too bad. Not where I want to be yet and there is still a lot of healing and recovery that will be required but tonight (Thursday) I plan on working it for the first time a little bit harder.

Just an update; my wife and daughter are still working out. I keep adding to the exercises and I also add weight and don't tell them. A few times they've figured it out but if I leave them with what weights they are doing then they will just get comfortable and not challenge themselves. Happy they are sticking with it.