Monday, February 12, 2007 - Week 428, Day 1116

Barbell Bench Press = 227 lbs = 3x6
Rear Lat Pulldowns = 185 lbs = 3x6
Closed Grip Lat Pulldowns = 155 lbs = 3x6
Barbell Seated Military Press = 140 lbs = 3x5
Weighted Tricep Dips = 160 lbs = 1x12
Weighted Tricep Dips = 170 lbs = 2x8
Seated Isolated Bicep Curls = 59 lbs each = 2x6
Seated Isolated Bicep Curls = 59 lbs each = 1x9
Leg Extensions = 100 lbs = 3x10

I started my workout just shortly after supper and this made a heck of a difference. I had a BBQ steak, 2 eggs over easy, 1 hashbrown, 1 large glass of milk and 1 piece of cheese cake with carmel chocolate chip topping ... so lots of protein.

I upped my Bench Press by a repetition per set that I felt good about. The last set I had to push it out to get it and had to arch my back a bit but got it done. Also upped repetions on both Lat Pulldown exercises. Military Press I think next time I should be able to go up by 1 as I felt I had 1 or more in reserve. Triceps were rocking last night and I blew through the first set. Triceps are my favorite body part and maybe that makes the difference as to why I excell at these. I will up these again next workout though I wish I could do my Kickbacks but will have to wait longer for the knee to heal before I attempt that. Bicep Curls felt the same but on the last set I thought I'd push it to see what I had. I didn't go to failure so I think for sure next time I've got to up these. Leg extensions I upped 5 reps per set which I think was premature. This doesn't seem like a lot of weight but for my knee it is. What I do is lift with both legs "equally" and then lower mainly with my bad leg. Lifting I didn't have too much of a problem but lowering I did at the very end of the set. Felt some twinges of pain which I then stopped. Today, Tuesday, the leg feels just fine but all the same I won't push it.

I think a big part of why things worked well in this is that I'm starting to come around and my body is reacting to the stress of lifting and I'm hoping for even more gains. Eating and then lifting within an hour or so played a big part. After lifting I also had a protein drink to help further. For the first time I used an iPod while lifting as I usually listen to the stereo. With the music right in my ears I was pumped to lift and it showed.

Grade: A

Tuesday I will be working with my wife and daughter in their training; which is going well now. Both have gone through the DOMS and have now recovered and are feeling good about working out. With them both doing it at the same time they push each other a bit and have fun while I look on and shake my head always trying to get them to concentrate. But if they are having fun then that is good and hopefully will keep them motivated. As for me I get to rest today and tomorrow and then back at lifting again Thursday.