32 days since my surgery and I'm getting antsy plus I can feel my stress levels going up as weight lifting and martial arts calmed me.

I've been walking around without crutches since after Christmas plus have not taken any medication since Christmas Day. Some discomfort for sure but nothing I'm not used to. Start physical therapy on Friday afternoon and am looking forward to my leg getting back to normal. Wearing a fulltime DonJoy brace and the only time I take it off is to shower in the mornings so looking forward to losing this soon.

My neck that I injured in 2004/2005 has been really bothering me in the last week and a bit; more so then normal. I believe that weight lifting helped to make it stronger and now without this strength training those terrible aches and pains are working their way back. After my physio appointment I am going to see if I can start back lightly with weight lifting on Monday. I will have to modify many things as I cannot stand and do certain lifts nor can I put any pressure on my leg of that magnitude yet. It will be modify and adapt for the first while but anything is better then sitting around idle.

Don't worry, I won't push it and will stop if I feel anything but I'm going stir crazy and the X-Box 360 can't seem to fill all of the voids I have.

I've lost a total of 15 pounds since a week before my surgery where I started to reduce the number of meals I was eating and the amount of each meal. I'm 180 lbs and just don't feel like myself. Some friends jokingly said that happens when you get off the juice.