Jan 5th: was going to go to the gym, but darn it, I am just enjoying the peace and quiet of my garage too much to face the sweating hords of those with new year resolve. Same workout as Jan 2nd and 3rd.

Jan 6th: 3 mile bike ride. 4x3 mins heavy bag. 3 mile bike ride. 3x20m frog hops/stomach crunch superset.

Jan 7th: Rest

Jan 8th: As Jan 2/3/5

Jan 9th: Back to the gym, but only to use the free space upstairs (complete with dip/chin station, heavy bag and circuit apparatus).

4 reebok steps set parallel to one another approx 1m intervals, each set higher than the last.

travelling plyo jump on to then off each 4 steps, turn around then jump clear over them on return. 2 min non stop, alternated with 2 min heavy bag till 5 'rounds' of each completed.

2x chin/dip superset.

Jan 10th & 11th: Oh my giddy aunt! Doms in my calves and my knee tendons hate me. Rest, like the old man i am

Jan 12th: The interactive 'Rocky' experience
Trained at work whilst watching Rocky 1 (the ability to do such as this is a welcome occasional perk).

Chins/press up/lateral raise/stomach crunch/plyo squat circuits x5- all whilst rocky trained on the screen next to me. 'Gonna fly now'

Saturday 13th: Rest
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'