The univerity gym closed for the holidays on the 21st of december till Jan 2nd, so home training and one off sessions here and there were all I was aiming for, and by george thats all I did!

Wednesday 20th Dec. Dip/chin/plyo squat/lateral raise/stomach crunch 4x circuit

Thurs 21st Dec. 8x hill sprints (60m) 8x 2 min rounds heavy bag.

Saturday 23rd Dec. Went to the gym I used to be a member at for a one off session. Took advantage of access to some heavy dumbells for incline press, did some seated low cable rows, then pyramided up to 300kgx3 on their plate loaded leg press! This is the heaviest I have leg pressed for about half a decade, and I was very happy (and a touch dizzy). Stoked up by this I did a nice superset of upright row with dumbell shrug, then finished off with low cabel curl/high cable pushdown supersets. Nice.

Christmas Day: Between opening presents and a champagne breakfast I managed to run off my hangover and do some push ups and chin ups over at the kids playpark- very 'Rocky'

26th-29th are just a haze of booze and chocolate.

30th- the circuit from the 20th December x5 (extra one due to guilt for previous days excesses)

New Years Eve: back to work during day. Saw in the New Year in style in the evening.

New Years Day: Didnt get to bed till 5am, and was at work on nights this evening, so just slept through

Jan 2nd: My patented 'undo christmas' cross training routine.

1.5 mile run
Chin/push up/side raise circuit x3
3 mile bike ride
4x 2 min round on heavy bag
Plyo squat/stomach crunch superset x3

Jan 3rd: same
Jan 4th: rest.

Back into the 'proper' gym tomorrow morning.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'