Not back 100% but doing fine. Here is the low down on the operation.

Went in on Friday, December 15, 2006 for 8:00 AM. They rolled me the the prep room at 8:45 AM. Doctor came to check me out. The anesthetic doctor came and checked me out and I told him I had problems getting sick afterwards plus didn't like going under and said would take care of me. Rolled me in at around 9:40 AM. Got my IV in my forearm (usually hand) and I was out in seconds which was the best I've ever gone under. I woke at 11:20 AM as they rolled me into recovery and they were surprised I was awake. I talked with them and they said I probably would not remember this but I told them that I was almost totally awake and I would for sure. They got me to my semi-private room (good insurance from work) at 1:00 PM which turned out to be private because I didn't have a room-mate. The freezing in my knee was to last 8 hours and they said then would continue to check on me so that when it came out they would be ready to give me drugs. After freezing out I had no pain. They came continually Friday afternoon and night to check on me and I still didn't have any pain. Saturday came and still no pain and I had to get up 4 times to go to the bathroom and I walked without crutches. They couldn't believe I had no pain and was walking without crutches. Saturday they came and taught me how to walk on crutches and then released me and I was home by 1:00 PM.

All of Saturday no pain. I should mention I had not slept since waking up in recovery and stayed up Saturday night and did not go to sleep until Sunday night. Sunday night my knee hurt like hell. It was pain so I started taking the pain medication they gave me and it did not work at all. By Monday pain would have been fine but I was beyond that point but thankfully my wife's mother was a retired nurse and her father has recently gone through a hip replacement a few months back so still had pain medication that did work but it knocked me out bad. I was in bed Sunday night through all of Tuesday in a drug induced pain. Wednesday wasn't a bad day as my wife had gone to my GP the day before and got me new medication that allowed me to think clearly and get myself up out of bed. Wednesday night while sleeping I jerked my leg really bad and woke up screaming in pain and thought for sure I had retorn it ... that was pain ... very bad pain. During the days with my leg up and icing regularly I was able to get into my X-Box 360 and Oblivion which is what I've been doing pretty much since. I've been putting in 12 to 18 hours a day on this thing if you can believe it. Yesterday I was able to move around a bit without crutches as well as today. Head clear, very little pain unless on my leg a lot, otherwise doing just fine.

Here is a photo of my leg and its 25 staples the day after surgery when I got home. 19 down the middle and then ones on the sides and one at the top that can't be seen in this photo. If you look closely you can see the word YES as I had to write "yes" on one knee and "no" on the other with a marker.

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So I will continue to heal up and will be getting the staples out on the 3rd. Then 4 weeks from the operation date I start Physio and then I will see when I can start weight lifting lightly. I've got the urge to get back at things as believe it or not, from the time I started preparing for this and cutting back meals and then after surgery, I've lost between 10 to 15 lbs so am around 183 lbs now. Plus not using my leg and constantly adjusting the straps on this Donjoy Brace and comparing my leg size, it has shrunk in this short period of time.

I also thought I'd mention that for the first two days after the surgery I had no drugs. I then took medication for 10 days and stopped Christmas day. I had pains but I could manage them and as long as my leg was up and not moving it felt not too bad. I still feel pains but I've been living with pains so no problem. Physio ... I'll let you know then if I can live with the pain.