Friday 15th

Pull ups were OK for the first 5, but then on rep 6 my rotator lost its stabilising ability and i had to stop and switch back to Lat pulldown. this is still a great improvement as last time I tried them i could not do one due to the shoulder not wanting to play.


Rest- encouragingly, although my shoulder gave out on me the day before, there was no 'bad' soreness in the capsule today

Monday 18th

Leg press x5
Lat Pulldown x5
Dips x5
Upright row x4
Dumbell Curl x4
weighted Crunch x4

Keeping with a weight i could do no more than 12 with, I only allowed 30 seconds rest between sets, the idea being to focus on recovery abilities rather than maximal workload per set. By the final set of each exercise I burned out at around 7 reps. the whole workout took just under 30 minutes for 27 sets to failure. Pumped and gassed

A workout involving agility, patience, coordination, awareness and steady pace stamina- christmas shopping with the wife in a much too busy Cambridge town centre
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'