Sunday 10th

After a week away from the weights I was in the gym at 9am to make up for lost time. Still being careful with the shoulder though.

Leg press x4
Lat pulldown to front x4
Dips x4
Upright row x3
Dumbell curl x3
crunches x4


should have done some cardio, but dang it I have missed my weights

Leg press x4
pulldown behind neck x4
Push ups x4
Side raises x3
Tricep Pushdowns x3
Oblique crunches x4


10 groiners/10 plyo squats 4x3 min rounds
Heavy bag 4x3 min rounds


The season took priority here- works meal and day on the town, followed by a much needed restful day before starting night shifts thursday night.


going to the gym before my shift. Going to try unassisted chins tonight- see how the shoulder feels. Verdict to follow.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'