This thread isn't dying buddy! sorry I have not been as forthcoming with posts, just I have been coasting a bit whilst my shoulder mends. Things have been different whilst I was away though, so here is the week that was.

Sat 2/12: 2 mile jog on the seafront. 6x3 minutes bag work with 20 crunches within the 1 min 'rest' between rounds

Sun: 100m (approx) (steep) hill sprints x8. 4x3 mins heavy bag

Mon: 6x3 min rounds light sparring with my Dad (hands only- kicking is 'not gentlemanly nor civilised' apparently, though it would seem stepping on my lead foot and pushing me over is the very height of sportsmanship )

Tues: Rest (hey, I was on holiday after all)

Wednesday: 20 groiners/20 plyo squats 4x3 mins. 4x3 mins heavy bag

Thursday: 10x100m hill sprints with heavy bag shouldered (alternating left then right)

Friday: Rest

Despite my best efforts, Homecooking has made short work of my waistline, but it was worth it for a good family christmas. Eating gets dialed back to normal tomorrow, and should be back to my nearly buff self in a week or so
Back to the gym for some good old fashioned resistance work tomorrow morning
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'