Not sure. I've been told that I will need to take it easy in the beginning and my surgeon said he wants me back regularly to see where I am in my recovery and will know what I can do at each visit. I will be doing physio during this time within about 2 weeks of the operation ... the time after is critical so that I don't tear the remaining patellor tendon (between knee and shin) and the pieces they reattached as the new ACL. If either breaks then I have no recourse for further surgeries to fix it and will be worse off.

I tried doing many of my exercises and tried not to use my leg but found that this is used quite a bit for a stabilizer so most of my exercises will have to be stopped until the surgeon gives me the go ahead. Perhaps will do some body weight exercises or something to keep me active at least. I will play it day by day ... as well as my X-Box 360 that I bought for my recovery time.