Monday, December 4, 2006 - Week 424, Day 1108

I'm on the countdown, 11 more days till my ACL reconstruction surgery. Excited but very scared and won't like all of the time off. I haven't been impressed with how things have been going. Sick, tired and just not getting things done. It has been 2 weeks since I did my PULL exercises and with such a short period of time I have to get in as much as I can so I had better buck up and get at it.

Light stretching, body weight exercises and Rear Lat Pulldowns 10 x 120 lbs for form and technique adjustments.

Rear Lat Pulldowns = 195 lbs = 5/5/5/5/5
Barbell Bent-Over Rows = 180 lbs = 8/8/8/8/8
Seated Isolated Dumbbell Bicep Curls = 69 lbs (each arm) = 4/5/4
Barbell Shoulder Shrugs = 250 lbs = 6/7/6

I could tell I had not done this for 2 weeks as I could only do the 5x5 for the Lat Pulldowns. I switched back to the Bent-Over Rows as I haven't been able to do the Deadlifts where I was also getting my lower back workout. Will have to up the weight back to 200 lbs I believe to get the 5x5. Biceps curls were harder then I thought they would be but the layoff has much to do with this. Makes me wonder what I could actually lift if I did them first and did not do them when they were already exhausted from doing 10 other sets prior to doing them. Switched out the Rear Shoulder Shrugs for the Front Shoulder Shrugs. I found it difficult to do without shoes for the rear for some reason and did not get near the workout I do normally. The reason I wasn't wearing shoes was I have a huge blister that is raw from Friday's BJJ class and with Saturday and all of that walking and then yesterday ... it hurts big time and is nasty.

Note: Is this thread dieing? Should I continue? I was going to use this or start another for my recovery notes on the ACL surgery and possible pictures. Good idea or not?