Monday, November 27, 2006 - Week 423, Day 1107

Barbell Bench Press = 247 lbs = 5/5
Bench Press Partials = 230 NitroFlex = 5/4/4
Barbell Seated Military Press = 152 lbs = 5/5/5/5/4
Kickbacks = 84 lbs (per arm) = 10/10

Draining weekend and very little sleep. In two days I've had 7.5 hours sleep. Instead of working out at night like I usually do where I've eaten supper and rested, I worked out after work but I was doing this on an empty stomach and was extremely tired. I used to work out after work but at that time I ate prior and was fired to go, tonight I wasn't but I did it none the less to fit in with the late supper. Also because I'm preparing for my lay off due to my ACL surgery, I've been cutting back the calories and have dropped 2 of my 5 meals. This also means I've dropped some weight to around 191 lbs.

Bench was good but the partials were harder then I did previous. Lost momentum on the end of the Military Press but I was still satisfied because I really pushed them. Kickbacks I only did 2 sets as the triceps were done from previous use.


I've seen it at gyms and just with working out with average friends. People swing the weight thus not getting a proper workout just so they can lift larger weights. The swinging I mostly see is on the bicep or tricep exercises so I thought I'd throw two of my exercise up here ... so feel free to comment, question or critize.

1. Isolated Bicep Curls

As you know I do these for my biceps and look like this:

I have however modified these so that instead of bringing them up immediately I take the weight directly to the floor and then lift again so that each lift is like doing the first one thus making them slightly harder as you do not have the momentum you would normally and you won't get the swinging effect. On the lowering part I do them slow so I get the full effect of this part of the lift and then when they touch down I re-adjust and lift up steady but fast ... though you'd never guess it. This I find really isolates the bicep work ... though remember focus on the bicep doing the work as this makes a difference.

2. Tricep Kickbacks

This is my favorite excercise of anything and probably one I pride the most. They look sort of like this:

The difference I do is that I do this standing and leaning over a bench but I don't put my leg on a bench, though I did in the beginning. I put most of my weight on my arm that leans over the bench and on my back leg. The leg on the bench in this picture I use as a post only and not much weight is on it other then to keep you stable and resides like a tripod in the middle (between back leg and leaned over arm). Once you have the weight distribution figured out then it is a matter of picking up your dumbbell and ensuring that you arm stays glued to your side. I like to bring it up first into a bicep type of curl so that I get the full range of motion extending it back. When extending it back make sure it is in-line with your back and if you want you can twist your wrist at the end for added tricep action. Then without swinging it bring it back with controlled momentum to the bicep type curl and repeat. If you swing it you won't get as good of a workout and I catch myself when I get tired doing this so watch for that.