Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Extremely tired and had a hard time getting my butt off the couch to go to class for Black Belt training. Even took one of those energy drinks but that had no positive effect.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006 - Week 415, Day 1094

Was extremely tired but did the workout regardless.

Barbell Bench Press = 237 lbs = 5/5/5/5/4
Barbell Seated Military Press = 150 lbs = 5/5/5/5/5
Barbell Upright Rows = 110 lbs = 5/5/4
Dumbbell Bent-Over Single-Arm Kickbacks = 79 lbs (per arm) = 10/10/10

Bench Pressing is giving me some trouble as I'm not making any significant gains. I know I just came off of a sick time but looking back at my records I know it is time for a change. Perhaps I will incorporate dumbbells; this will take some reviewing and some trialing.

Military Press I upped by 5 lbs and did not have problems with the 5x5 though the last 2 sets I'm not sure if I could have got an extra but possibly. Upright Rows I should have dropped all together as I was pretty tired and it showed. Kickbacks back up to par though I'm still not ready to add weight but shortly, we shall see.

I'm finding that the older I'm getting that more time I need to rest between workouts. Working out Monday and then Wednesday was too hard and did not give me enough time to recover even though I did not work the same muscles. Back that was tight from Monday and Tuesday however felt okay.

Class Thursday and then the weekend I will be taking off for resting. Friday there is a big supper for my wife that a friend is putting on as my wife quit her job after 17 years so we are celebrating. Saturday a training partner/buddy is coming home for Thanksgiving from the Air Force so we are all having a get together. Sunday is Thanksgiving at my wife's parents house. Catch up to you all later.