Hey Cord. From looking at this thread frequently it seems to me that your endurance has improved a lot on the heavy bag. Do you feel that it has gotten better?

Hell yes! It has been a concerted effort to get it so. As you can see from the journal, no secret to it, just devoting regular sessions to it and pushing hard.


Do you enjoy working the heavy bag more? And are you thinking of competing anytime soon?

I love working the bag, one of my fave aspects of training. As for competing, I had the chance of entering the British Savate league at the start of the year, but decided my skill was simply not at that level. For the past 3-4 months I have been out of formal MA training due to putting money to other interests, and so whilst my conditioning continues to improve, my actual MA experience (especially sparring) has halted (and probably begun to rust ). If i competed tomorrow I would be the fittest loser in the tournament Not that I have a problem with being bested in a competition, but I think a 'full time' MAist deserves a more serious dedicated oponent than me.
If/when I get back into MA, then things may change.

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