hijacked a helicopter under heavy fire, flew at high altitude to the grain silos that act as cover for a cocaine operation. Parachuted in, took out the silos of cocaine, and the guards, then hijacked a truck with one of their shipments in it, and took it, under heavy attack, to the rival cartel's boss. Got promoted, then made my way to the safe house to re-arm myself and get some 1st aid.

or in other words, a rest day, spent playing 'Just cause' on the 360


8x2 min rounds on the heavy bag
3x 200m max sprint on the ergo rower
3x 150 step sprint (max incline/max resistance) on the stepper


Plate loaded Leg press 12x210kg 10x230kg 7x240kg 6x250kg
Incline smith chest press 10x100kg 5,5x110kg 2x120kg
Seated Row 8x230lbs 5,3,3x255lbs
Dumbell shoulder press 8,7,6,6x30kg dumbells
shrugs 10,10,10,9x200lbs
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'