Saturday, September 30, 2006 & Sunday, October 1, 2006

Rest and relaxation. Went to gun range with buddy. I shot the 9mm and he shot the 38 special (revolver). First 20 shots I don't know what I was doing and was shooting on the paper target below the circle to the laugh of the range officer and my friend. Picked it up in the last bit but not enough to have my target look like my friend's and had to hear about it all of the way home, and all that night when we got together as couples.

Monday, October 2, 2006 - Week 415, Day 1093

Very tired today though I did nothing for the weekend. Started with the Glider to get the blood flowing but actually pushed myself pretty good. Light stretching and then some body weight stretches and movement to get the form down and then hit the weights.

Barbell Deadlifts = 350 lbs = 4
Barbell Deadlifts = 340 lbs = 5/5/1
Standing Rear Barbell Calve Raises = 240 lbs = 10
Standing Rear Barbell Calve Raises = 250 lbs = 7/8
Seated Isolated Bicep Curls = 69 lbs each = 5/5/5

I thought even after coming back from the lay off I could throw around 350 lbs but not a chance and I tanked out. I dropped the weight and 3 minutes later did the first set of 340 lbs like there was nothing and felt I could have did more but saved it. The 3rd set seemed hard again and it took a lot to get the 5 done and I'm not sure I had 1 more in the tank. 3 minutes later I tried my 4th set and couldn't even more the bar. I was tired, drained and my lower back was tight but I sucked it up and got it up once and realized that I was too drained to carry on and instead of pushing myself and possibly getting hurt, I stopped here.

Calve raises I sucked and for each I had to put the bar down and re-adjust my grip. I had nothing left after the Deadlifts not to mention the lay off. I did pop them up 10 lbs to make harder.

Bicep curls were the only consistant thing from my previous arm workout. I did these this day as I did not do them Friday as I felt a twinge in my arm and knew at that time my arm could not take it and pushing it would have ripped the distal tendon. Again my left felt like it could rip off 3 more at least for reps.

All and all not impressed with this day as I felt like I didn't accomplish much. Will keep at it and make it a goal to improve next time as I'm still shooting for 400 lbs. As a note, a couple of weeks ago before I got sick I had 410 lbs on the bar and gave it a try though I had not warmed up nor do I think I was ready. I got it partially up but not all of the way and because it was eating my hands and back I did not push it. 400 lbs will be doable I just have to rebuild from my layoff.

Tomorrow black belt training and then Wednesday PUSH day.