Plate loaded leg press 14x200kg.9x220kg.6x240kg
Machine Leg press 8x350lbs.7x370lbs.4x400lbs
Seated Chest Press 12x200lbs.7x215lbs.5x230lbs
incline smith machine chest press 7x95kg.4x105kg.6x100kg
Wide chins Bodyweight (90kg) 10,7,6
Seated row 8x200lbs.5x215lbs.4x230lbs
Standing dumbell shoulder press 9,6,4,4 30kg dumbells.

The good thing about coming back after illness is that you feel fantastic in comparison, no matter how you perform, but this was a good workout, i was particularly pleased with the reps I got on my shoulder press, despite six heavy sets of chest work pre fatiguing the triceps, i actually felt much stronger with my overhead presses today.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'