Thursday, September 28, 2006

Haven't got over this cold thing yet and was feeling light headed so stayed home from class and spent time on couch watching TV ... Supernatural (season premier), Ultimate Fighter Series 4, Survivor and then CSI. Very productive ... not!

Friday, September 29, 2006 - Week 414, Day 1092

Got home from work and got ready for workout. Light body stretches to warm myself up and then 12 x 100 lbs for a light Rear Lat Pulldown so that I can feel the correct technique before hitting the real workout.

Seated Rear Lat Pulldowns = 195 lbs = 5
Seated Rear Lat Pulldowns = 190 lbs = 6/5/5/6
Barbell Bent-Over Rows = 200 lbs = 6/5/5/5/5
Barbell Rear Shoulder Shrugs = 240 lbs = 8/7/6

I did not feel the DOMS from my workout 2 days ago which surprised me as I would have suspected I would have from my layoff. However I could tell I was not as strong as many of those muscles were still recovering and my body wasn't up to this workout like I would have liked. Dropped the Lats down 5 lbs as I did not have one more in the tank which is important for a strengthening workout. Shrugs I had to put the bar down on each set to get a better grip to finish them.

Skipped bicep workout because during my Lat Pulldowns and then my Bent-Over Rows I could feel a twinge in my right bicep that is a tell tale sign for me to not push the arm or I will further tear the distal bicep. Will try biceps on Monday with my Deadlift day.

Otherwise that was it and then headed out for a 3.5 hour cruise on the bikes.