Tonight was a bust as life got in the way. On the weekend I had torn apart my deck and to haul this away I needed to borrow a trailer and this just happened to be the night I got it. I loaded the trailer with my wife's help for the first hour and then my friend came over and helped us both for another 45 minutes. What we could fit in the trailer we did and anything that couldn't we still brough around to the side of my house and placed it on my RV pad (don't have an RV but built one as my wife's father parks his 5th wheel trailer here in the winter and my friend also parks his 5th wheel trailer here so in the winter I have two trailers beside my house). This week I will dump the one and then load up the second and dump that. Plus I have to make arrangements to get top soil to regrade the property where the deck was so that on Saturday my friend and I can pour the cement for the posts and then hopefully Sunday start the deck.

I'm totally exhausted and ready for bed at 11:32. Loading the trailer was a workout in itself though no replacement for actual lifting ... but nice to know that I have developed functional strength to do menial chores like this.

Grappling tomorrow ... move my PULL day to Friday and then start on Monday with the legs.