Well Cord I hope you get back eventually into Martial Arts as I know you enjoyed it but I certainly understand your motivation and my hat goes off to you.

Monday, July 24, 2006 - Week 406, Day 1077

We have been going through a heat spell and it has been hot and humid making sleeping at night hard. The upstairs is off the scale as the thermometer only goes to 30C (86F) and it is well above that. The basement where my weight room is, is much cooler at around 28C (83F).

Barbell Bench Press = 237 lbs = 4/5/3/3/3
Peck Deck = 370 lbs = 9/6/6/6/4
Barbell Seated Military Press = 140 lbs = 4; 135 lbs = 6/5/4+/5
Barbell Upright Rows = 110 lbs = 5; 105 lbs = 5/4
Tricep Press Downs = 135 lbs = 7/6/7/7/9
Dumbbell Bent-Over Single-Arm Kickbacks = 79 lbs (per arm) = 8/7/7

Wasn't impressed with the Bench Press as I've gone backwards. Perhaps because it was so warm. Perhaps taking apart my deck for almost 5 hours was more draining then I thought. Perhaps because I haven't got enough sleep over the past few nights. Perhaps it is because over the weekend I did not eat proper due to the heat so ate quick things. Perhaps due to dehydration as after every set of this work out I needed lots of water and was sweating lots. None the less I will see how it goes next time.

Peck Deck I pushed for the first one to make up for the Bench Press. Also did more for the rest of the sets which felt sort of good but I believe I'm going to drop this exercise and replace it with something else as changing out the weight plates takes too long.

Military Press I wasn't impressed with either for the same reasons the Bench Press. Instead on this one I dropped my ego and dropped it 5 lbs and was able to get into the range that I wanted and felt better for it. The only person I have to impress is myself.

Upright Rows I added 10 lbs from the last workout but it was too much and my shoulders were already feeling the workout so dropped this weight by 5 and only did 3 sets total. Have to listen to your body from time to time and this time I did.

Tricep Press Downs were good but I'm finding I am putting too much of my shoulders into this workout. I will be thinking about changing out this workout as well so I will be giving this some thoughts.

Kick Backs; awesome. I dropped it by 10 lbs and the 79 lbs per arm was perfect and infact I think I can add 5 more lbs on to it next time. I got the full range of motion and I went to exhaustion and only took a minute between sets to really burn the muscle. This is got to be one of my favorite exercises.

Over all it was an okay workout that needs some modification. When done I was pumped and I swear I could have walked down the WWE's runway to the ring and passed myself off as a muscular wrestler, in fact my wife always said my build reminder her of Chris Jericho's. As for the hair, as I shave myself bald, I actually used to have long hair like this in the 80's and early 90's.

Now for some $hit$ and giggles. Prior to the workout I measure my arms and of course they were the same as listed above. After my workout I measured my right arm only and it was at 17.5". This means just by working out my triceps I gained an inch ... and is why it is important to measure and record yourself prior to your workout at rest. I have always liked the triceps especially when I found out that if you worked them more then you could have larger arms then if you put all of your effort into your biceps. Many a year ago I seen a guy at a hockey game who had triceps like cement blocks and that is what I liked and why I work them so hard. I actually hate working my biceps and need to put more effort into them and once I do then I should reap the rewards like I did a number of years ago.

So tomorrow is Taekwondo and will probably be forms and fundimental movements, we shall see when we go. See you on Wednesday for the PULL day.