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Friday is 'family workout day' this week. ie. The day I take my wife to the swimming pool to do her water rehab work, and whilst she is busy with her own challenges, I get paddling

Its a 25 meter pool, and I use it as follows:

4 lengths alternate crawl/breast stroke- slow powerful strokes
4 lengths breast stroke kick using a kickboard
2 lengths sidestroke.

The above acts as warm up/steady state work.

10 x 50m (2 length)maximal sprints: crawl one length, breast stroke the other. 90 seconds recovery between sets.

2 lengths gentle swim to cooldown.

Thats half a mile in total. Rather than get volume happy, I am always looking to get faster on my sprints, and reduce recovery time. This is only the 3rd time out with this workout. I used to be a pool lifeguard, and had to do swim training as part of my job, so when I quit the fitness industry I was kind of 'swum out'. 3.5 years of dry land later and I am finding it hard work, but enjoyable once again.
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