Big guy I am not and bragging there won't be. I think this will be good so that you can see that I don't know it all and that I'm still learning myself. You will see two different personalities on here and different training methods between Cord and myself. We are totally open to suggestions and comment so feel free to chime in if you feel the need to do.

I'm at work right now so I won't be able to give you my training until I get home tonight, however I can give you some basics for now.

Who is Dereck?

I'm 37 years old and soon to be 38 in September. I've been lifting faithfully since September 27, 1997 starting in my basement on an old Weider bench with cement filled plastics weights that I received as a Christmas gift when I was 15 or 16. I had tried lifting since 13 years old but always seemed to fail until I picked it up and have stuck with it since. I continue to work out at home and have purchased enough iron and equipment that I can cover every possible exercise needed to be well rounded. I have learned many things on my own from doing it, watching it, reading it and asking questions. Years after starting I made a friend with a body builder that helped me to fine tune some things and gave me a lot to work with. When we hook up I work out with him at the gyms he picks and am in awe of what he can do.

Earlier in my life I was active in most sports such as football, soccer, baseball, track and wrestling. As a young adult I also played years in a mixed volleyball league and baseball league. I have always been fit and doing something so feel the need to continue as an adult, though I did go through a few years previous that I was in active and became a couch potato and thus going from 165 lbs of lean muscle to 193 lbs of fat (plant job to desk job in just over a year). Thankfully after losing an arm wrestling match against my younger brother at Christmas of 1997, this was enough to motivate me to hit the weights and have been doing it ever since.

I'm an anal person with everything including my weight lifting. I keep a log book of what I do that includes how many weeks I've worked out, how many days, what exercises, what weights, periodic measurements, how I was feeling you name it. This way I can look back to see if I improved or not and to decide why things worked or didn't.

On top of this I train in martial arts and started on September 18, 2002 with Taekwondo. This is a modified Taekwondo system that includes Hapkido, Jujitsu and BJJ, plus incorporates other skills such as the Muay Thai clinch, knees and elbows. I love grappling and this is a passion and where I focus most of my energy.


Prior to martial arts my goal was that of a body builder. I still have a bit of that mentality and this will show in many of the things I do and the things I want. Basically I want it all I want to be bigger, faster and stronger though I know that this is not all possible but doesn't stop me from trying. I have been finding that with martial arts I cannot keep the body building mentality and in fact cannot lift what I used to, nor am I as big. However I am faster and am smarter which is a trade off, but that doesn't stop me from still working it hard.

Road Blocks

My body is a mess but I have learned to adapt with certain exercises and I have to listen to my body and rest when needed though you will also find that I'm stubborn. Here is what I am up against:

1. NECK - In December of 2004 due to a grappling accident I crushed my C6 and C7 vertebra. It wasn't until April of 2005 that the problems really started to set in and I was laid out for 3+ months of doing nothing. After a MRI and rehab I have found things manageable with medication, though I have weaned myself almost completely off. Surgery is an option but not one suggested as I could be even worse off.

2. KNEE - In July of 2005 due to hyper extending my knee during kicking drills, I tore my left ACL. This laid me off for 3+ months and after a MRI I am currently waiting for surgery that won't be till the end of the year. Thankfully my weight lifting paid off as the muscle around my knee are strong and I am able to still do a lot of things that amazes my sports doctor and specialist including weight lifting and martial arts.

3. BICEP - In 2003 I tore my Distal Bicep Tendon in my right arm. After rehab I had this healed up in about 6+ months and in October/November of 2005 I re-tore it during grappling with an arm bar.

4. HAMSTRING - In my second year of training martial arts, we switched from hardwood floors to those puzzle like mats. While practicing a spin return kick, and not being used to the mats, my foot remained in place and did not spin resulting in me ripping my hamstring where it attaches to the buttock, my right one. Even after physio I still have problems and really need to stretch this prior to training martial arts especially during any kicking drills.

5. SHOULDERS - My shoulders are not the greatest and have really been bugging me. I'm guessing 6+ years ago, I tore my right rotator cuff not to mention I broke my left collar bone during a football accident when I was 15. My shoulders clunk especially my right and I have some limits to my movement in it. This requires me to really stretch this for grappling days or days I lift when using my shoulders.

2005 wasn't a good year for me. Suffice it to say with all of these injuries I am still going but again I adapt to what I can and can't do. I have to lift less weights, which bothers me at times, but I want to lift for life so I have to play it smart. I am unable to do many exercises which includes Squats, but I make do.

Where I am?

I have been off for a month as while training for a Jujitsu Gi Grappling/No Gi Submission Wrestling Tournament in June I further aggravated my neck and had to take time off. During this time I lost weight, size, definition, strength you name it. Monday I got started back up and am doing a Push / Pull / Leg training schedule. To see how things are going and to know if I'm making any progress I took some measurements of my body at rest to see where my starting point is.

Neck = 17.25"
Chest = 48"
Waist = 36" (though I wear a 34" pant that fit loosely)
Upper Thigh = 24.5"
Lower Thigh = 19.5"
Calves = 15"
Arms = 16.5" Right, 16" Left (never had them the same; but close though)
Weight = 188 Lbs
Height = 5' 8.25"

Saddens me to look at but it is a starting point, but I'm not body building anymore and will just have to get over myself. I haven't weighed this low of a weight since probably 2000. I'm usually between 195 to 200 Lbs and foresee this going up as I will begin eating my 5-6 meals a day again.

So that is me in a nutshell and tonight after my workout I will post what I am currently doing and feel free to let me know your comments.