True resting heart rate (having just woken) is 48-52. Like I said, my fitness levels are back to when i was playing competetive sport. I can do 1.5 hours of savate drills in class, followed imediately by 45 mins sparring, and finish on my toes and able to do more if it were required.
My average cycle speed this morning over the 5.4 miles was 18 miles per hour.
There will always be people better than I, but I am so greatly improved over where i was, that I am satisfied with my progress as it relates to me.

I should also say that Dereck and I are not doing this journal for bragging rites or ego trip. We want to share honestly what we do, where we come from, and offer ourselves up for scrutiny, in the hope of learning as much as for helping through example.
We have some great contributors on here, and I realy do value everyone's input- i am sorry that I come across as blunt, its just my manner. My intentions are always good i promise
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'